Counting is a foundation and origin of math.
Like breathing, riding a bike, or playing chess, counting is a human activity.

When we are young we learn to count 
We count to find out “How many?” or “How much?”

To count is to transform one numeral into another.

Numerals are signs like the mark left after dragging a pencil across a piece of 
paper, the footprints left after walking through some freshly fallen snow, or 
the distant flicker of a fire lit atop a tall mountain.

In addition to being seen, a sign may be heard, smelled, or felt like the ring 
of a bell, the odor of rotten meat, or the pinch of an attacking lobster.

In general, a sign is a record of an event that has occurred. 

For now, we are only aware of signs that we can sense. It is not certain 
whether there are or are not signs which we can not sense.

Copyright John Meuser 2015